10 Great Ways to Add Value to your Home

10 Oct 2019

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If you're thinking of moving home, or if you're just looking to freshen up your living space, these 10 tips are going to come in handy. From big projects to a simple changes, you don't have to be a DIY wizz to boost the value of your house.

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1. Make a good first impression

Make sure your front door is welcoming, even a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. And don’t forget to replace any rusty house numbers!

Yellow front door

2. Let in light

Heavy curtains can keep light out and often make the room look darker and can make rooms seem smaller. Opting for lighter window treatments will help make a room feel larger, brighter and more welcoming.

3. Fix the 'niggly' bits  

Issues like cracked tiles, damp or leaks in the roof can all affect the value of your home and can be relatively quick and easy to fix.

4. Ramp-up your curb appeal

Make sure the outside of your home is looking in tip top condition. Start by taking a picture of the outside, this will help highlight anything that you could improve. Add some flower pots, cut back a hedge or add a hanging a basket to make the outside feel welcoming.

5. Pay attention to your garden

A good garden works wonders on the look and feel of a house.

The 'quick win' option here is to tidy up the beds and lawn and freshen the space by giving the fence new lick of paint. Then, think about adding decking or furniture to help create an area for entertaining - giving your home a seasonal living area is a huge asset on top on the interior spaces.


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6. Update your bathroom

Buying a whole new bathroom suite can be expensive, so to keep costs down by keeping the layout the same and working on top of what you have already.

You could update just your bath or shower or even change the colour scheme by painting the walls and updating the taps or tiling.

yellow bathtub

7. Create an open space without building an extension

To help make your home seem more spacious you could knock the wall down between the kitchen and living room – creating an open plan layout.

8. Go up! 

Loft conversions can be expensive however an extra bedroom could add great value to your home.

9. Minimise the clutter 

Focus on individual rooms or areas really showcasing the space by building shelves or incorporating clever storage solutions. You don't need to spend a fortune here - utilising items like old apple crates or a basic flat-pack bookcase can all look fantastic.

Living room storage solutions

10. Don’t forget about the kitchen

It has been said this room is the heart of the home, so refresh the walls (paint a neutral colour), remove any clutter and if your cupboards are looking a bit dull, refresh them and check for any chips and knocks.

Remember the doors and drawer in this room tend to get grubby around the handles, so once again a pot of paint will be your best friend if you want to give your kitchen that important 'as new' feeling.

Modern kitchen interior


When considering any big changes for your home, remember to check important factors like whether you need planning permission for structural changes.


By the way, we've written this guide first and foremost because we LOVE talking about home spaces. Plus Hoppy have partnered with Mojo Mortgages to help you find your perfect mortgage match to help you complete those big projects and add value to your home.

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