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Shape-Up Your Home Finances with Hoppy!

Trim down your bills and tone-up your home savings. Our version of Financial Fitness doesn't involve lycra, but it does focus on honing your L.B.T's - that's Lights, Broadband and TV Bills.

It doesn't have to be hard work either, just a little focus, simple swaps and maybe even a cup of tea in bed. Remember, we're here to make things easy. This a sweat-free zone!


How does it work?

Hoppy have used average annual savings figures from our partners to calculate your potential overall savings. And it's possible that you could save even more by switching through Hoppy.

You can also get individual, detailed quotes for all of our services by clicking on the links below.


Switching your energy deal is a simple, quick and easy way to save money.  

On average, as a Hoppy customer you can expect to save at least over £200 per year on your combined energy bills (gas and electricity). But we also see lots of customers saving over £500 per year! 

Your savings are likely to be the highest if you haven't switched energy in the last 12 months (or ever) and you are on Standard Variable Tariff (one suppliers like to put you on by default).

This may mean you're probably paying through your nose for your gas and electricity. Also, the larger your home, the more energy it is likely to consume and more you can save. 

Research by Ofgem, regulator of the UK Energy market found out that UK households who are on these tariffs could easily save £325 per year. This is almost £30 per month which could pay for your next broadband deal or this shiny new mobile phone ...

What if I'm not ready to switch energy just yet? 

If you get your energy quote and you are not quite ready for switch or it doesn't seem the deal is there yet for you, then you should try Hoppy's Pricewatch alerts (this will hop into view at the end of your Energy search).

Just tell us how much you want to save and we will email you as soon as this deal becomes available!

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TV / Broadband

Our broadband partner, Broadband Choices have calculated an average customer savings of £200 if customers switch to a dual package (phone line and broadband); and £340 if customers switch to a triple package (phone line, broadband and TV).

New customers do tend to get the best deals, so it's worth comparing your package and switching supplier to keep on the most competitive deal.

Compare Hoppy's TV and Broadband deals



We all know there are a myriad of mobile deals out there including contract and SIM only offers. Hoppy have calculated that if you're either out of contract or have less than 3 months on your current contract you could save up to £340 by switching to a SIM only deal and keeping your existing handset.

For example if you've had a contract phone, but you continue with it once your contract comes to an end you're continuing to pay for that handset, even after your device plan ends. In effect it's like continuing paying for a loan after the term ends. So check your plan and see if you're paying a fair rate. 

Find Your Next Mobile Deal


There are many great insurance deals out there and Hoppy are happy to search the market so you can achieve great savings.

How much could I save on car insurance? 

The average cost of a car insurance policy in the UK is £485* (according to Drivers can save approx. 20% (depending on the APR) which is the equivalent of £97 by paying in one annual lump sum.

Additionally, our insurance partner, Seopa Ltd, confirm their customers save an average of £200 on car insurance policies.

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How much could I save on home insurance? 

Seopa customers can expect to pay £150 for home buildings and £75 for contents insurance on average, with a combined cost of £225. For customers who choose to pay on a monthly basis, the price of the policy can increase by up to 40% (depending on the APR).

By paying for a policy in one annual lump sum, we've worked-out that customers could save up to £90!

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