If you’re looking to switch your energy supplier for a better deal, then read Hoppy’s guide to Scottish Power to see if this is the right supplier for you.

Scottish Power is one of the ‘Big 6’ energy supply companies in the UK, alongside British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, and SSE. They supply energy to over 5 million households and businesses across the UK. Founded in 1901 under the name Clyde Valley Electrical Power Company, Scottish Power is one of the oldest electric companies to exist in the UK. Today, the Spanish utility giant Iberdrola owns the company, and focuses on delivering a more sustainable and greener future.

Scottish Power generates its own energy through coal, hydro-electric power stations, and gas. It’s the largest producer of wind energy in the UK, with its parent company operating four offshore wind sites and around 30 onshore wind farms across the UK.

There are several Scottish Power deals on offer and the best one will depend on your needs and priorities.

Scottish Power are committed to funding charity initiatives, and their ‘Help Beat Cancer Fixed Price Energy July 2020’ tariff reflects this. It vows to donate to Cancer Research UK for every month a user is on the tariff, up to £5 maximum per fuel per annum - this scheme is also available for customers on a single rate version. Other variations of the tariff can be selected should you not wish to commit for such a long period but are still interested in supporting the charity initiative.

You can also find a selection of dual fuel tariffs where you can fix the price of the contract until 2019 or 2020.

Additionally, Scottish Power offers a ‘Smart Green Electric Vehicle June 2020’ tariff aimed at customers with Electric Cars, from 100% renewable energy. Signing up means you’ll get access to the company’s Your Energy app that will help you locate the nearest charge point.

By switching to Scottish Power you will be able to control your energy needs through a free app, have access to a Direct Debit Manager to help control your monthly payments, and speak to a customer service agent from a UK-based call centre, with a free call-back service.

As always, it’s important to compare a range of different suppliers to ensure that you’re getting the right deal for you. So, stay vigilant and check all the tariff prices with Hoppy to ensure that your household gets the best deal.

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