As one of the Big Six energy companies in the United Kingdom, it’s no surprise that most people have heard of EON. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that customers who would be better off with the supplier are choosing to switch to EON. So why is this?

Well, there’s certainly an element of brand loyalty that comes into play here. However, even people who aren’t happy with their current supplier still seem reluctant to change.

A lot of this comes down to the sheer amount of information that surrounds energy suppliers in different areas, leaving customers often feeling confused and overwhelmed. In fact, 1 in 3 people don’t feel as though they know enough to switch their energy supplier, despite the potential savings of up to £300 a year. Luckily, this is where Hoppy can help.

Why you should consider EON deals

EON have managed to appeal to so many customers across the UK thanks to their varied range of tariffs. With a choice of monthly prices, fixed plans and contract lengths, they have something to suit every customer. EON offers everything from a Fixed 2 Year Tariff, which protects your price for two years (with no exit fees), to a Fixed 1 Year tado° Bundle, that comes with a shorter 12-month contract length, and a tado° smart thermostat fitted in your home.

Online customers can have more control over their energy spending with the E.ON smartphone app, which lets them manage their account quickly and easily. And with E.ON See it’s easy to check if you are paying for more energy than needed and compare your energy usage to similar households in your local area. The app will also send personalised energy saving advice to help you save those pennies more effectively.

How Hoppy can help

Even if you’ve decided that EON is the right supplier for you, there are so many things to take into consideration when picking a tariff, including fixed prices, monthly payments, contract lengths and potential benefits. At Hoppy, we take a small amount of information about your home and preferences and use it to show you exactly which are the best deals available in your local area. This means there’s no need for confusion or for you to settle for anything less than your ideal energy plan.

We’ll cover everything from prices to features, and even how the company’s service is rated by customers. So, you can rest assured knowing you’ve found a great deal, all while saving yourself time and money at Hoppy.

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