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When it comes to things like phone plans or TV and broadband deals, most consumers know that there’s a lot of choices out there. They might not be able to name all the providers off the top of their heads, but most can name a few of the big players and are usually happy to shop around until they find the best deal.  

But for some reason, we often limit ourselves to just a few options when it comes to our energy suppliers, often sticking with a provider much longer than needed, and missing out on better deals as a result.

EDF is far from being an obscure name on the energy market. The company is part of the Big 6 in the United Kingdom, bringing power to millions across the nation. However, a lack of knowledge and a reluctance to switch could explain why customers who would benefit from a switch to EDF are still failing to do so – or even attempt to take the first step and request an EDF quote.

People are often reluctant to switch because of how confusing it can be to actually know which supplier is best for your needs - this is where Hoppy can help.

Why choose EDF?

EDF is one of the biggest names in energy, and this is with good reason. When you search through the EDF deals, you can choose between four simple tariffs, with different contract lengths and prices. In addition, EDF offers peace of mind that you’ll get the same price whether you sign up online, with an aggregator or over the phone. And, thanks to their UK-based call centre and Live Chat online service, it’s easy to get any issues resolved quickly and easily.

The company is also committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. The EDF Energy Promise means that the provider has pledged to lead the decarbonisation of the electricity sector in the UK, as well as reduce their carbon emissions by a massive 60% by 2020. These promises also extend to their customers, with EDF promising to match every unit their customers use with electricity generated from low-carbon nuclear sources.  

How Hoppy can help

Choosing the right energy supplier and tariff can be complicated, with different contract lengths, fixed prices and benefits to take into consideration. Luckily, Hoppy is here to make things a little simpler.

We take all the information regarding energy suppliers in your area and provide you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision on which deal is right for you. Here at Hoppy, we understand that all this information can be overwhelming, so we’ll even make recommendations based on your details and preferences.

Save yourself time and money by looking at all your energy supplier options in just a few clicks, and find a deal that makes you feel really Hoppy today.

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