Unsure whether you need Sky or BT to watch your favourite sports teams? We've created a handy list of the most popular sporting events to help you decide whether its Sky or BT that you should be buying so that you don't miss out on the action.
Do you ever struggle to read your energy bill? They can often be filled with loads of technical jargon and complicated numbers, because of this we've created a useful guide to help you make sense of them.
Is your living room starting to look a little dated and run down? Does it need some much needed TLC? Get some living room transformation ideas and turn your living room into the hub of the house.
With so many different types of mobile phones on the market it can often be hard to decide on the best value phone for you. This handy guide is here to help you to choose the best option for your needs.
If you’re in the United Kingdom though, you have probably noticed that there is no HBO UK channel to speak of. So, with that in mind, how exactly do you go about enjoying everything HBO has to offer?
As smartphone technology progresses at such a rapid pace, the price of modern handsets is getting higher. Now more then ever phone insurance is paramount.
Many people aren’t aware that energy tariffs – in other words, how much you are paying for your gas and electricity – vary by region. A lot of customers view this as unfair and don’t understand why this should be the case. So, why do you pay more in some areas compared to others?
Plenty of people don’t realise that line rental is a cost they don’t have to pay in order to enjoy a reliable broadband connection. Customers end up paying more simply because they don’t realise that line rental is an optional part of broadband.
Recycling is now something we need to be much more conscious of in our daily lives– not just for the sake of the environment but our wallets too. Councils are taking improperly disposed of waste very seriously indeed and if you don’t know how to go about getting rid of your waste in the correct way, then you could find yourself on the receiving end of a hefty fine.
The OnePlus brand has been making a big splash in the mobile world for the past few years. Although it’s not yet a household name in the vein of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, it has quietly been gathering a fan base by consistently punching above its price tier in terms of technology.
With 5G expected to roll out across the UK by as early as 2020, the future of mobile telecommunication is looking bright. However, while most of us rely on our smartphones for both our professional and personal needs, it appears the current network coverage across the country is letting some of us down.
Did you know the way in which you decorate your home can have a huge effect on your energy bills? It’s true – there’s a lot more to your energy consumption than simply whether you turn the thermostat up or down. That’s because many of the choices we make impact the effectiveness of how our heating gets to us. Sure, the radiators may be turned up on full blast but if the heating is leaving the room as quickly as it arrives, it’s just a waste of your hard-earned money.
Samsung and Apple are at it again with their latest flagship devices; the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Apple iPhone X. Both have now had a fair bit of time on the market – although the latter has been available for around six months more than the former – and we know that plenty of people already have firmly held opinions on how these two industry juggernauts are holding up. But how do they compare when we look at them under the microscope?
Gone are the days where we only used our mobile phones to send texts, make calls and enjoy the occasional game of Snake. Nowadays, we need our smartphones to provide us with a quick and seamless Internet connection, to stay in touch with one another online, keep up to date on the go, and enjoy the wealth of apps available at our fingertips. To do this on the go, we use mobile data.
Freeview is (almost) exactly what it sounds. Although not entirely free – as you will still need to buy a device which carries the digital terrestrial TV service – it doesn’t require any kind of subscription. This makes it cheaper than other options where you subscribe for a monthly fee and is therefore a much more affordable option long-term.
The annual Apple keynote has culminated in the announcement that the tech giant is going to release 3 new phone models; these are the XS (pronounced “ten-ess”), XS Max, and XR, each an upgrade to the previous X model.
An EPC is an extremely helpful tool used to determine whether a household is a great environmental choice or whether it is one of the 19 million UK homes with a poor energy efficiency performance. But what exactly is an Energy Performance Certificate and why is it so important to pay attention to?
At Hoppy, we know exactly how expensive energy prices can be. That’s why we help people find the right provider for them. However, other than making sure our customers have a great deal when it comes to their energy¬ supplier, we also like to offer advice about what else our users can do to keep their gas & electricity bills down?
Hoppy and You Gov conducted the Happy Home study and Home may no longer be where the heart is. Check out the findings here.
Major home improvements don’t come cheap. Research by NAEA Propertymark found that British homeowners have spent a grand sum of £41 billion renovating and improving their homes over the past five years. When making such an expensive investment, it’s important that you understand all the costs involved and take the time to do a little research before hiring a tradesperson to ensure you’re not left out of pocket.