Who is my gas & electricity supplier? How to find out

14 Mar 2019

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Moved home and wondering who is your energy supplier? Hoppy can help!

Moving into a new property always comes with some tedious tasks that need to be taken care of. Sorting out the bills is usually top priority and is the best way to ensure that you’re not overpaying your utilities. It might take a few days after you first move in, but you’ll probably start to wonder ‘who is my gas supplier?’ and ‘who is my electricity supplier?’ Hoppy can help to answer these questions and more below.

Who is my energy supplier?

You have three options to find out who supplies gas to your property. The first involves no effort on your part and it’s simply waiting for a letter from the energy supplier. A short while after you move in, you will receive a letter addressed to ‘The Occupier’, detailing who your supplier is and the tariff you’re currently on.

The second option is to call up the Meter Number Helpline, providing them with the number of your meter, and they will let you know who supplies gas to your property. The number is 0870 608 1524. Note that calls will cost 7p a minute plus any standard network charges.

Alternatively, you can use an online tool from Find My Supplier to establish who provides your gas. All that will be needed from you is your address and the tool will help you find your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) that’s essential for identifying the gas supply to a property.

Finding out who supplies your property’s electricity can be done with a phone call to a regional electricity distribution number, or just waiting for a letter from the supplier as detailed above. Use the table below to find out which number to call. The cost of calls will vary by region. It is free for mobile users to dial numbers starting with 0800 and 0808.


Number to Call

North Scotland

0345 026 2554


Central and South Scotland

0330 1010 300


North East England


0845 6013 268


North West England

0870 7510 093


Eastern England

0845 6015 467


Southern England

0845 0262 554


South West England, South Wales, West and East Midlands

0845 6015 972


South East England

0845 6015 467



0845 601 5467



0845 070 7172


Merseyside, Cheshire, North Shropshire, and North Wales

033 0101 0300


Next Steps

Once you know who supplies energy to your property and how much you’re going to pay for it, it’s time to make some choices. Most suppliers will automatically enrol you on a Standard Variable tariff, which is often the priciest one. But you don’t have to accept what the supplier is offering! Whether you own the property or rent (except when bills are included in your monthly rent), then you have the right to switch suppliers.

Why make the switch?

If you want to guarantee that you’re getting the best deal on your energy, then it’s essential to compare what is available on the market to your current deal. Customers are often surprised by just how much they can save and how painless the process is. Ready to start saving? Switch with Hoppy today.

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