What's more stressful than your day job? Hoppy's "Happy Home" study reveals the answer

12 Sep 2018

Man Sitting on Sofa in Untidy Room

In 2018, home may no longer be where the heart is as the stress of the day doesn't end when we leave the office. Over 40 percent of workers are landing themselves a second, stress-filled job in the shape of daily chores and tasks when they get home. It was revealed by the Happy Home study, conducted by Hoppy and You Gov, that 75 percent of workers are unhappy with their current home environment. Over a third of us (36 percent) find running our home as, or more stressful than our daily job.

Top of the list of concerns for many of us is the ‘house being untidy’ (36 percent), followed by a lack of storage space (30 percent) and affording the bills (22 percent). 

What keeps us up at night when it comes to running our homes?

House being untidy (36%)
Lack of storage space (30%)
Affording the bills (22%)
Needing to update the home (e.g. fixtures and fittings) (22%)
Badly done DIY (22%)
House being too small (17%)
Lack of help from other adults with household tasks in the home (16%)
Balancing demands of work and running a home (15%)
Being envious of friends’ and neighbours’ homes (14%)
The location (13%)


It’s not an equal playing field either. Men clock up 37.7 hours a month looking after and managing all things home related - the equivalent to an extra week at work every month! While women take the lead, devoting 47 hours a month to household demands. Perhaps this imbalance is caused by the 1 in 3 men that admit to staying late at work just to avoid having to contend with the chores at home.

Hoppy Home Infographic

The unequal split of household demands among couples is often cited as a key trigger for arguments within relationships. Nearly a quarter of couples say that they have considered moving out, separating or even divorcing due to the stress of running a home. But there are some methods for tackling household stressors:

Be realistic – keep the expectations realistic, accept the clutter and prioritise quality time with those that matter instead.

Divide and Conquer – divide up the demands between everyone in the house for a stress-free home.

Let tech reduce the load – Free your mind of the daily tasks and stressors by jotting them down on an online tool, websites or app that can alert you when a chore needs doing – more mind space for the fun stuff.

Sites like Hoppy help to reduce the stress of running a home with a whole host of tools and resources. Hoppy lets you prioritise tasks around the home via a digital logbook with helpful alerts and prompts reminding of upcoming jobs, as well as the ability to create online storage for important household documents such as warranties or bills - all aimed to help you feel more organised.

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