How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

13 Mar 2019

Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

If you decided to make the switch from Android to iPhone, then you might be wondering if you’re going to lose all your saved contacts, photos, and data during the transfer process. Fortunately, that’s a rare occurrence these days, and Hoppy are here to make sure nothing gets lost during the transfer.

Transferring your data is actually pretty easy, and there are a few ways to make it happen. Read on to find out how.

Before you begin transferring contacts from your Android to your iPhone

Much like our guide on how to transfer your iPhone contacts to a new Android device, you will need to set up a Gmail account for some of these methods. Just head to Google’s homepage and sign for one, if you don’t have one already.

Method #1: Using Apple’s Move to iOS

Apple gives you all the tools you need to transfer your data across with the ‘Move to iOS’ app, which you can download from Google’s Play store. This app allows you to migrate your contacts, message history, photos, videos, calendars, and more, automatically!

To do this, simply download the app from the Play Store, open it, and select your migration options. When you choose to migrate your data, your new iPhone creates a private Wi-Fi network and finds the Android device that is running the Move to iOS app. Enter your security code, and the app will begin transferring your data, collating everything in its correct place.

The app will let you know once all of your data has been transferred from your Android device to your new iPhone, and you are good to go. iOS will set up everything, including your contacts and your mail accounts. Any free applications that you own and are available on the App Store will also transfer to your iPhone, although you will need to re-download any paid applications yourself.

Method #2: How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone using Gmail

If you have had your Android for any length of time and have set up a Google account, your Google account probably has all of your contacts and associated data. Before you attempt a transfer, you should remember to back-up your Android device in case anything goes wrong.

Next, go to the Settings on your Android device and choose the ‘Accounts and Sync’ option. Enter your Gmail account details and enable synchronisation. Your phone contacts will now synchronise on your Google account.

From here, go to your iPhone, and open Settings. Scroll your Account and find Name, Phone Numbers, Email, entering your Gmail information. From here, your Gmail will sync with your iPhone, delivering your contacts onto your phone.

H3: Method #3: How to transfer your photos from Android to iPhone

If you don’t want to use the Move to iOS app to transfer everything, or maybe you have an older Android device containing photos, then there is another way to get that data from your old device.

The best way of doing this is through your Google account. If you have photos, you want to transfer over, download the Google Photos app on your Android device and sync your photos to the application. A high volume of photos may take a while so check back periodically during the transfer. Once your photos are synced, simply download the same app on your iPhone and transfer all the pictures you want from the app.

There you have it - three best ways to transfer your contacts, data and photos from your Android to your iPhone. If you are ready to find the best iPhone deal, Hoppy can help with that today. We collate the best deals from our providers to give you the widest choice possible.

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