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13 Mar 2019

If you’ve just moved home, you’ll probably need to find out who the internet providers are in your area, as well as finding out how to get the best deal. We’ve put together a little guide on how to find the best broadband providers in your area.

The variety of broadband availability

In a perfect world, broadband would be available everywhere. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case, and while the UK has a wide range of coverage, it’s still not available on 100% of the island. If you live in or near a major city or town, then you’re in luck – these locations have great infrastructure and large populations, meaning that most providers are available in these areas. However, in more remote places in the UK things can be a little more difficult, and although these areas might have access to some sort of broadband service, the number of providers – and deals – can be more limited.

Essentially, this all boils down to the broadband infrastructure that is provided within your postcode. Most providers work on the Openreach network which offers standard broadband speeds in 99% of the UK (unlucky if you live in that 1%), however fibre-optic broadband is less common, with availability in about 90% of the UK. Fibre optic broadband is interesting, as normally the further data goes from the telephone exchanges, the more it loses speed – this changes with fibre broadband, as it can carry more data and loses less speed over long distances.

Broadband providers coverage

As mentioned above, the Openreach network gives most of the UK internet access. Although it is technically a separate company, BT originally owned Openreach, and this makes BT the network provider with the largest range of coverage in the UK. When searching for the best broadband provider in your area, if you can get BT broadband in your area, it’s likely you can get broadband from the providers listed below:

  • BT Broadband – BT offer a number of options, and with their Superfast Fibre option, you will get average speeds of 67Mb.
  • Sky – Offering packages with speeds from 11Mb to 63Mb, this provider gives you unlimited usage.
  • EE – deals with average speeds of 10Mb, 36Mb, and 67Mb. Additionally, if you have your mobile phone package with them you get an increased data boost.
  • TalkTalk – this provider has packages offering speeds of 11Mb, 36Mb, and 63Mb per second, all coming with unlimited downloads.
  • Now – much like TalkTalk, their packages offer speeds of 11Mb, 36MB, and 63Mb per second, depending on what kind of offer you wish to take.
  • Plusnet – a combination of regular broadband and fibre packages, they offer speeds between 10Mb and 66Mb depending on the kind of package you want.
  • Post Office – one of the cheapest and most overlooked providers on the market, they offer speeds from 11Mb, 36Mb, and 63Mb per second.

An exception to this rule is Virgin Media. Virgin have developed their own cable network that they use to provide broadband and TV, however, they only cover around 50-60% of the UK. They cover the main towns and cities, so if you live in one, they are probably an option. If you happen to be lucky enough to live in an area serviced by Virgin, then you could be looking at getting a package that offers top speeds of 350Mb.

Differing broadband speeds between areas

The speeds of broadband packages can vary quite differently between different postcodes. Providers often list their average broadband speeds on each package, so it’s worth being aware that this speed represents what 50% of the people on that particular package receive on average.

The broadband speed you receive is influenced by a variety of things – the distance between your home and the on-street network cabinet, the distance between the cabinet and the local telephone exchange, the quality of the wires in your home and on the street, and even the number of people sharing the connection in your area and even in your home.

If you want a guarantee of fast speeds, then you should choose the fibre optic broadband package from your preferred internet provider in your area. It’s a more reliable service than ADSL broadband, which is the standard package offered by most internet providers.

Who is the best broadband provider in my area?

The only real way to find this out is to play the postcode lottery. You can find out what broadband deals are in your area with our handy postcode checker.

If you feel your current provider isn’t up to the job, Hoppy can help you find the best deal for you. Try switching to another internet provider in your area to get a better deal, and faster, more consistent speeds.

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