Can I Get Fibre Broadband In My Area?

15 Feb 2019

What is fibre broadband? 

Fibre broadband, sometimes called fibre-optic broadband, is a type of internet that gives you extremely fast speeds, with enough bandwidth to ensure that your entire household can run all their gadgets at once.

The lines that deliver fibre broadband consist of fibre optics, and the cables have loads of little tubes that transfer information by sending flashes of light through the tubes, bouncing off the inner walls of the tube to travel along the cable. On the receiving end of the signal, the equipment interprets the flashes of light as data. Because the data is literally travelling at the speed of light, it means that you get extremely fast broadband speeds.

Do I need fibre broadband?

Fibre broadband gives you the benefit of fast speeds, which gives you quicker downloads and uninterrupted streaming for those members of the family who want to catch up with Game of Thrones before the new season. It also helps solve the lag problems caused when every family member is trying to stream a movie, play a game or just scroll social media. Fibre broadband also gives you improved upload speeds, so it’s much easier and quicker to upload documents, photos and videos.

Fibre broadband isn’t necessary for everyone. If you’re just browsing the web, checking emails and scrolling down Facebook or Twitter, then you probably don’t need fibre broadband. On the other hand, if you have a bunch of people in your home trying to use it at once, on multiple devices, streaming or downloading large files then you should strongly consider buying Fibre broadband.

Can I get fibre broadband in my area?

The majority of cities and towns now have access to fibre broadband, so unless you live somewhere off the grid or somewhere incredibly rural, you have a good chance of getting fibre. BT has the widest availability in the UK, however almost all the providers (even smaller networks) have very good coverage the length and breadth of the island so you should be able to find a good deal.

If you enter your postcode into our comparison tool, we can show you what fibre broadband is available in your area, and get you the best deal to suit your needs.

What if you can’t get fibre?

There are some reasons that you may not be able to get a fibre broadband connection, including:

  • You live too far away from the exchange.
  • You live in a building such as an apartment block that isn’t fitted with the internal wiring that can support fast speeds.
  • You are in the very centre of a major city where providers find it much harder to rip up the roads to install the cables required.
  • You live nearby awkward terrain such as lakes, islands and mountains where it is harder to run fibre cables.

If you can’t get fibre broadband and there aren’t any current plans to connect your area to the line, there are some ways that you can get around this. Some companies run community schemes, whereby communities part fund the connection costs alongside a supplier to get broadband in the area, while other communities build and operate their own network infrastructure. Whatever action you take, there are a number of options out there so do your research with Hoppy to get the best broadband deal possible!

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