It can seem like a crisis if your energy supplier was to go out business in the middle of winter. The idea throws up images of freezing homes and cold showers. However, it's not as terrible as it might seem. Hoppy is here to offer you guidance and to point you in the right direction.
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The household energy bill is a big bill and there are so many ways to save money on the cost of energy as well as several ways to use less energy. Here are Lynn’s top ten tried and tested methods that will ensure you not only save money but also use less energy – thereby doing your bit for the environment in the process. 
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What’s so hard about running a house? That’s probably something we’ve all thought when growing up, only to come to the startling realisation, when having our own place, that we need as much domestic help as possible.
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If you’re in the United Kingdom though, you have probably noticed that there is no HBO UK channel to speak of. So, with that in mind, how exactly do you go about enjoying everything HBO has to offer?
As smartphone technology progresses at such a rapid pace, the price of modern handsets is getting higher. Now more then ever phone insurance is paramount.
Many people aren’t aware that energy tariffs – in other words, how much you are paying for your gas and electricity – vary by region. A lot of customers view this as unfair and don’t understand why this should be the case. So, why do you pay more in some areas compared to others?
Plenty of people don’t realise that line rental is a cost they don’t have to pay in order to enjoy a reliable broadband connection. Customers end up paying more simply because they don’t realise that line rental is an optional part of broadband.
Recycling is now something we need to be much more conscious of in our daily lives– not just for the sake of the environment but our wallets too. Councils are taking improperly disposed of waste very seriously indeed and if you don’t know how to go about getting rid of your waste in the correct way, then you could find yourself on the receiving end of a hefty fine.
The OnePlus brand has been making a big splash in the mobile world for the past few years. Although it’s not yet a household name in the vein of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, it has quietly been gathering a fan base by consistently punching above its price tier in terms of technology.