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After many brilliant (and painful) entries, this winning story is the best D.I.Y. disaster you'll read all year.
Mobile Phones
First there was 3G, then there was 4G. Now, 5G is here. Networks could deliver super-fast and reliable mobile internet connections soon. But when exactly can customers in the UK expect to see a 5G rollout
Hints & Tips
To embrace green and give mother earth a virtual hug, here is a helpful list of simple changes everyone can make to live greener.
TV & Broadband
Slow internet speeds wind the best of us up. Find out how you can boost your wifi speeds with this handy guide. Find out more.
TV & Broadband
Find out how you can mirror you Apple and Android device to your TV screen with this helpful guide from Hoppy. Find out how.
Old tech is inefficient and uses up to 80% more power than newer models... invest in new energy-efficient technology that will cut down on yearly energy costs
Hints & Tips
Whether you’re a new pet paw-rent, or an experienced pet mum or dad, making sure your home is a safe place for your hoppy pet is of the utmost importance. Whether you have a cat, a dog or a rabbit, we’ve put together our Top 5 Tips to not only keep your pets hoppy and healthy, but also help protect your home from pet damage.
Money Saving
With the nights drawing in and the cold weather looking like its sticking around for the foreseeable future we’re all looking at ways to lower our heating bills. One easy way of reducing your energy use is to look at your interior décor. Find out how these three simple methods can help save you money.