Hoppy in a Nutshell

Hoppy makes running your home easy and efficient, simplifying your life and saving you time and money doing it.

Hoppy is the new home management site, providing access to the widest range of utility, broadband/TV and mobile deals as well as the option to book a tradesperson for any job around the home. Hoppy cleverly keeps track of household to-do lists with helpful reminders; a central hub to manage your home. Organising everything; saving you time and money doing it.

The UK’s #1 Home Management Website

Hoppy is the Uk’s #1 Home Management website. Combining everything from Energy, TV & Broadband or Mobile Phone switching services to being able to book guaranteed Tradespeople online. With the ability to store and share documents and keep track of all those household tasks in a calendar and invite family members to join, no other website does it better.

The Hoppy Story

Hoppy was born in Blue Lab, EDF Energy’s innovation accelerator, set up to explore new ideas that support customers.

Set up as operationally independent, Hoppy originated in response to consumers looking for digital services to make their lives easier – in particular to better manage their homes.

Customers and service are at the core of our business and the Hoppy concept aims to make running everyone's household easy and efficient. Simplifying the lives of our customers by taking care of the household bills and general home maintenance that often become a chore, saving you time and money in the process. Using established and trusted partners, Hoppy offers a breadth of services that help customers manage a range of household jobs.

Hoppy, where home meets happy

Hoppy's Services

Hoppy provides access to the widest range of utility, broadband/TV and mobile deals as well as the option to book a tradesperson for any job around the home. Hoppy constantly reviews its products and services to offer the best deals on household bills (utilities, TV and broadband) comparing the widest choice of deals available. We search 200,000+ mobile deals for customers from 26 providers and 300+ deals on broadband from 14 providers.  

Customers can book and pay online for a fully vetted local tradesperson for a wide range of home maintenance or improvement jobs. With access to over 1,800 tradespeople across the UK, customers can book and pay instantly online, at a fixed rate, avoiding surprise charges, all backed by Plentific’s guarantee.  

Hoppy’s home management service lets you prioritise what you need to do around the home through an easy to access digital logbook. Helpful reminders prompt you to do tasks, while keeping track of all the things that need to be done around the home. Customers can access free online storage for those important household documents and attach them to relevant tasks to help keep on top of the paperwork.

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