5 "Easter Eggs" That Are Actually Holiday D.I.Y. Hints

16 Apr 2019


Do you know someone who's dodging those pre-summer D.I.Y. jobs this Easter?

Maybe someone hasn't got the hint yet - but for some of us, this bank holiday is about more than just Egg Hunts and Lindt Bunnies. For some of us, that carpet needs to go, those windows need sprucing-up and that shelf has been sitting on the floor for a little too long.

Fear not, because we've come up with a solution: combining the joys of Easter treats with not-so-subtle home renovation hints.

You've got 4 days Britain, it's the time we finally knuckle down and get that D.I.Y. D.O.N.E. 

1. For The All Round Fixer-Upper...


The Chocolate Toolbox

Nothing say's 'Let's Get Cracking' like replacing a Creme-Egg for a box of tools, and this delicious toolbox gift is a work of craft in itself. 

Here in the UK, we know there's a seasonal home-improvement sweet spot. It's a small gap in time when the days are longer, the windows can be thrown wide open* but it's not quite warm enough to abandon all hope of being productive.

Right now, that sweet spot happens to in the middle of April and we have the whole bank holiday to get these jobs finished properly. 

*A very helpful escape route for dust, old carpets and awkward ladders.

2. Walls or Windows That Need A Lick Of Paint?...

DIY-chocolate-paintbrush-set-easter eggs

Lickable Chocolate Paintbrushes 

Who else has several pots of paint waiting in a cupboard rather than gracing the walls they were chosen for? 

Well, it's now or never! You're about to get a whole 4 days to do your decorating and watch paint dry

...which is much less time than these 'motivational' ChocOnChoc paintbrush treats will last for. 

3. For The Reluctant Plumber...


The Chocolate Tap

Looking for some 'friendly motivation' to get begin building the luxury bathroom of your home renovation dreams?

Or maybe you just really, really want to stop that slow dripping tap. 

If this sounds familiar, try getting the message across with this tasty chocolate tap from Shokolat. Bonus points if you can enjoy it from the comfort of a newly installed bubble bath...

4. "Isn't it time we called-in an electrician?"....


The White Chocolate Light Bulb

Nothing says "you light up my life", "I have an idea!" and "...can we please rewire our light fittings this weekend?" like this creamy chocolate light bulb from Notonthehighstreet.com.

5. For The Completely Useless...


Heston's Chocolate Teapot

Let's be honest, sometimes it's just better left to the professionals.

If your #homehacks look more like "home-hacked-to-pieces", then D.I.Y. probably isn't for you. 

It's better to treat yourself, book a trusted professional right here, put your feet up and cheers a job well done with this spectacular 100% chocolate teapot ...you've earned it anyway.  

Chin Chin! 

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